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You think you're better than me
And it's funny 'cos it's true
But don't you see, hypocrisy will be the end of you
You think you're tall as a tree
And smite me 'cos I'm small
But soon enough, your stilts will wilt and as I rise you'll fall

You think you're wise as an owl,
But you twitter like a bird
And I've observed the squawk you talk, is verging on absurd
You built a tower in the sky
And babbled from it's top
The people came, to scream your name but you refused to stop

The words are un-canned, the life you planned has gone awry
And now your number is up,
'Cos you float like a bee
But breathe fire like a dragonfly, a dragonfly

I'm a ghost not a shell, I thought you could tell
You know me all too well
I'm not here, I'm there, I'm floating in the air
You know me all too well, all too well

I'm a man and not a mouse, you could have found that out
But you're devout
Like a trashy teen, to gossip magazines, and their view they don't count
They don't know, now't

Now I'm under your skin I'm into the bone marrow,
You don't know where to go
Or just which lie to swallow, because you beg stole and you borrowed
You think you're bigger than me, you think you're better than me,
You think you're wise as can be, well I find that that obscene
'Cos I'm big and you're small, I'm smart you're not clever
I said not at all, and I meant never ever ever


from Casual Sincerity, released June 16, 2010



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