Casual Sincerity


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Joyshop recorded their first album during 2009-10; a lively and melodically-rich debut that established the five-piece as the foremost folk 'n' roll band in the UK (service stations).

The record has been praised as 'a lovely fresh sound' (Linda Oliver), 'clever people music' (Josh Ritter), and 'like tonic for my ears’ (David Jensen). Opening track 'Frost' has been used in the soundtrack of several indie films.

This free download has been made available to celebrate our 5th birthday.

Folk 'n' roll for the soul x


released June 16, 2010

Guitar and vocals: Tom McNeill
Violin and vocals: Beth Winter
Keys: Nick Pike
Double Bass: Tim Firmston-Williams
Drums and percussion: Elliot Sefton-Nash

All lyrics by Tom McNeill
Produced by Joyshop
Mixed by Tim Firmston-Williams
Mastered by Kevin Paul



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Celebrate our 5th birthday with a free download of our debut album!

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Track Name: Frost
The northern lights adjust
To suit the mood of the night at hand
Like fading fireworks
They light the pathway as best they can
And like a penny falls
Into an open purse
The sky is losing snow
And won't be reimbursed

The white flakes scattered across the sky
Look like polka dots in the twilight
Your frozen fingers have gripped mine tight
And I am happy to be by your side

The nights are growing old
The days are growing a tougher skin
My scarf is butter-soft
The ice I'm skating is wafer-thin
Now lets bet you and I
Are two peas in a pod
The odds are looking good
The goods are looking odd


Like frost I will be there on the ground by the door
Waiting for your footprint to fall to the floor
Just like frost I'll cling to your window outside
Gathering ice like you gather my pride
Well just like frost on your nose when it's cold
I'll be on your mind as the seasons unfold
And just like frost I'll melt away
And miss you more than words convey

Track Name: Moreish
There's a sparkle in your eye
You are young and bright and witty
Please don't let that sparkle die
And please don't go to the city

You're better than pinstriped suits and fur-lined cars
I know you'll go round the bend in trendy bars

You've got so much more to give
But you won't wait, you won't wait
You've got all your life to live
But it can't wait, it can't wait
'Cos you taste like peppermint
After eight, after eight
You've got so much more
You've got so much more to give

Well they say that desperate times
Often lead to desperate measures
But I thought you weren't the type
To give in to corporate pressures

Is this not the time to live the most each day
And later confront the debts of excess play

Track Name: Ms Guided Tour
You think you're better than me
And it's funny 'cos it's true
But don't you see, hypocrisy will be the end of you
You think you're tall as a tree
And smite me 'cos I'm small
But soon enough, your stilts will wilt and as I rise you'll fall

You think you're wise as an owl,
But you twitter like a bird
And I've observed the squawk you talk, is verging on absurd
You built a tower in the sky
And babbled from it's top
The people came, to scream your name but you refused to stop

The words are un-canned, the life you planned has gone awry
And now your number is up,
'Cos you float like a bee
But breathe fire like a dragonfly, a dragonfly

I'm a ghost not a shell, I thought you could tell
You know me all too well
I'm not here, I'm there, I'm floating in the air
You know me all too well, all too well

I'm a man and not a mouse, you could have found that out
But you're devout
Like a trashy teen, to gossip magazines, and their view they don't count
They don't know, now't

Now I'm under your skin I'm into the bone marrow,
You don't know where to go
Or just which lie to swallow, because you beg stole and you borrowed
You think you're bigger than me, you think you're better than me,
You think you're wise as can be, well I find that that obscene
'Cos I'm big and you're small, I'm smart you're not clever
I said not at all, and I meant never ever ever
Track Name: A Home
A home is more than bricks and mortar
Built with stones and washed by waterfalls
A street is more than cars and people
Folks on mobiles making feeble calls

And I like you am far from home
And I am more than flesh and bone

A war is more than hurt and hustle
Why do people turn upon their own
For a man is more than blood and mustle
Lest he finds his dignity disowned


And what we all say in the evening will soon be forgotten by dawn
The morning will come without warning and we'll fall asleep on the lawn
And while we all dream our bodies will rustle in the leaves
And in high esteem I'll hold you 'cos you are dear to me


When I arrived in this dingy town nothing but my plimsolls touching the ground
I was a mess, a bed head, could have been left for dead
I did not know which way to turn because my bridges all were burned
But you who believed in me gave me new life; reaffirmed my faith in a stranger
Now I feel loved, heavens above, I am lost in sweet surrender

Track Name: Fool With Words
I know a girl with skin as white as pearl
I kinda called her burly, why I did I do not know
And you can tell she didn't take it well
She hit me with a welly, in between the down-bellows

Well I'm just a fool with words
Fool enough to burst
I'm just a fool with words
And always pick the worst

Out on the down, feelin' out and down
I paddled in a fountain and got talking to a duck
And with a quack he told me what he lacked
He needed cash for crackers, but I didn't give a buck


Down at the fair I pulled a gypsy's hair
He came from Tipperary and was looking debonair
I took a trip giving him the slip
Started off quite tipsy, ended looking worse for wear

Track Name: Countin' to 10
When I say yes you say no
When I say flood you say flow
When I say sham you say shmuck
When I say fame you say luck

Now let me run over this simple plan once again
You're gonna count your chickens while I'm countin' to 10
And if you muck it up I'm gonna get you a casket
For putting our eggs in one little basket (oh-oh-oh-oh)

When I say beer you say wine
When I say fun you say fine
When when I say high you say low
When I say hey you say ho

Track Name: Envy
Something struck me hit me right between the eyes
And it's not love, no it's envy and it comes as no surprise
So please release me, so I can find my night
(You won't release me, and I can't find my night)

Something knocked me, took the rug from 'neath my feet
And it's not help, it's hinder, in attempt of my defeat
You won't release me, you will not let me sleep
Track Name: Call Me Out
Murky eyes and ruffled lips
Your face is a page but I'm reading it like a brick
Drunken words and twisted wires
I'm trying to make amends but I'm starting fires

And this is the way that I tell you
This is the way that I call you out
Sometimes I wish that I could not
Sometimes I wish that I could not hear your heart

One year on but two steps back
You've learned the lines well but I'm seeing straight through the act
Empty arms and empty praise
I'm trying to swim but I'm sinking without a trace

Track Name: Precious Metal
Over-priced but under-sold
You'll soon be worth your weigh in precious metal
Roll the crimson carpet out
The jack of clubs has come and will not leave
Fate loved me but now does not
I heard it from a rare clairvoyant petal
First you thrash me then you run
You broke the heart I fastened to my sleeve

Oh you're killing me now
You're over the moon and I'm under the ground
Oh it's killing you too
That they fought over me
But poured scorn over you
Oh it's payment in kind
That you're half what I love and half what I despise
Oh you're killing me now, you're killing me

Out of time but into greed
Your pots will slowly turn to copper kettles
Sneak a breath then spit it out
Enjoy the pound of freshly scented truce
One obsession at a time;
Your grip is getting loose around the nettles
Time to flee, and fly you will
A felon with a melancholy muse

Track Name: Unweave, Unravel, Unwind
Unweave, unravel unwind
My soul has found a place to breath
Unreal, unruly, unwise
A place of rare release

I'm in love with a man who misled me
In love with a place no one knows
In love with a sea that accepts me
In love beyond reproach

Yeah I'm lost in a view that amazed me
I'm lost in a note on the air
I'm lost in the ocean that raised me
I'm lost beyond repair


I'm bewitched by the choir in the quarry
Bewitched by the crash of the waves
Bewitched by the kindness of strangers
Bewitched but not awake

I'm undone by the eyes that undress me
Undone by the cut of your suit
Undone by the buckle you fasten
Undone and done for good

I'm undone by your voice
Track Name: Casual Sincerity
Well this ain't sweet and it ain't pure
And it's taken me out of my comfort zone and into yours
Lord it ain't dusk but it ain't yet dawn
Yeah it's somewhere that's in the between, above and beyond

And Lord, Lord I feel bare
My hand is grasping thin air

Well you ain't wrong: I ain't complete
But you're trying to sell me a catapult I do not need
This ain't your fault, but I've got lost
Cos I launched myself into your orbit and did not tie off


You ain't a ball, and this ain't no chain
But I think I'll sneak out of the window before you awake
For this love ain't wild, but it ain't tame
And the bloodhounds have taken to my scent, and they want their game